Carla Naden

 I specialize in art gone wild, glitter, busted animals called love nuggets. I love traveling. Like my artwork, my history is just as varied, colorful, and completely unexpected. I started off with a Montessori-based education (in Baltimore, MD) and then morphed into a Friends (Quaker) high school.

Consie Von Gontard

Consie von Gontard began her volunteer career in animal welfare in 2000. Consie has received Community Service Awards and Commendations for her international work in Mexico and the Bahamas. Most recently the SART Responder of the Year award in 2013 for exceptional service to SART and Florida Emerge

Roger Tabor

“Your project is a bold project combining trap-neuter and return technique with local involvement in the public outreach campaign. It stands a very good probability of working as you have outlined it, and I wish you success with the project." Roger Tabor is a television presenter, biologist, natu

Dr Monger

Dr. Monger is a 1986 graduate of The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. After 10 years in private practice she moved on to follow her true passion of providing veterinary care and strengthening the human-animal bond in economically challenged areas of the world. While studying Spa

Dr. Sandra Marilyn Cruz

Dr. Sandra Marilyn Cruz Bedon, has been a close partner to Animal Balance on the Galapagos Islands for many years.  She is a native Galapaganian and the first Executive Director of the Agency for Regulation and Control of Biosecurity and Quarantine for Galapagos (ABG), which was created as an agenc

Becky Robinson

“The most effective method to permanently reduce and then manage cat populations is through a community based Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program for feral cats and adoption of tame house cats. By working collaboratively with local agencies, local people and local veterinarians, Animal Balance is poi

In Otto’s Words

One of the greatest things about a campaign is how quickly a group of strangers will come together, United by a common goal, and leave having formed lifelong friendships. Here is one volunteer's account of his experience. "My name is Otto and this week I voluntered in Operation Cunucu. I was part of

Operation Cunucu Day 2

Day 2 of Operation Cunucu was amazing! 86 spay/neuter surgeries in the books! Although they're exhausted, our amazing team of volunteers is so energized by the success of the campaign so far that they can't wait for day 3! We'll keep you posted as the stories and photos continue to roll in. Please c

Operation Cunucu Day 1

The first day of Operation Cunucu was a great success! 73 dogs were spayed/neutered, vaccinated and treated for parasites. Volunteers have been working tirelessly transporting trapped dogs, prepping patients for surgery, monitoring post op recovery and, of course, getting in some prednisone online w

OP-Sai Countdown

It is the one week count down to the first ever Saipan Z*M*A*S*H campaign, called "OP-Sai". We deploy on Saturday and arrive in Saipan on Monday morning! The longest journey yet for an AB campaign I think. We are conducting the campaign with Humane Society International and the Saipan Mayor's Office

#ZMASHMaui 100 dogs

Wow! We have booked in 100 dogs today for sterilization here at Maui Humane Society We will be working late for sure, but it is totally worth it, think of all those puppies that will now not be born. Well done everyone - a big shout out to the registration buy prednisone no prescription crew - Robin

#ZMASHMaui Day 1

This gypsy AB team has hopped over to Maui now and we are working with our fantastic partners at the Maui Humane Society. This is THE FIRST ‪#‎ZMASH‬ on Maui ever - ground breaking work is happening here. We held orientation last night, built the clinic this morning and by 12 noon had booked

Day 2 of #ZMASHMolokai

Here's some pics of what we've been up to. The clinic at Molokai is flowing really well thanks to the Molokai Humane Society and also thanks to the lovely people who bought us loads of organic fruit and veg!

Find a home for Princess

This is Princess who is looking for a forever home. Please call Molokai Humane Society 8085580000 if you can help her. She is adorable and loves everyone! Emma

Evolution thru Compassion: the film

The Galapagos Islands is one of THE most sensitive habitats on planet earth. Non-native species, such as cats and dogs, arrived with humans and over time their populations increased; as Darwin said, 'the fittest survive'. 10 years ago Animal Balance was created with the goal of protecting ALL the sp

One day to go…

Before we launch our film Evolution thru Compassion on the world. The film will be premiered tomorrow in New Orleans hotspot @carmoneworleansThe film documents our most recent visit to the legendary Galápagos Islands to see how our work with local agencies including @ABG_galapagos and the Galapagos

How iguanas and dogs live together

Iguanas, finches, cats and dogs all live on the Galapagos Islands. How? See how Animal Balance came together with the Galapagos National Park Service and ABG, the protectors of bio-diversity of the Galapagos, to create a humane animal management program, whereby all animals are protected. Animal Bal

Big Maui Thank you

Thanks to YOU we found a way to get our cat traps and transfer cages over to Maui on a container. Thank you all for sharing the container ship post plea, it worked! Dennis from Guardian Angels Animal Haven on Maui called me and said the local feed store, Wai Ulu Farms, gets their hay from R & L