From Cuba with so much love …..

Havana Cuba, is experiencing incredible changes at an unbelievable pace, even since we were last there in February. It is an honor to travel to Cuba and to have the opportunity to talk with our friends and colleagues about how best to help the animals, given all the hurdles we face in each of our […]

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  Thank you for an incredibly successful Cuban adventure! The entire Animal Balance team looks forward to future projects working with our dedicated Cuban partners. Together, we will create sustainable programs to provide veterinary services and TNR training for the caretakers and cats in this amazing country.

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Packing Tips?

Our team is headed to American Samoa on Oct. 10th. We couldn’t be more excited!! And no, we’re not traveling via container ship…but a lot of our equipment is shipped this way. It takes several months to coordinate transport for all the necessary supplies (like cat traps, transfer cages, etc.) Medical supplies are divided among […]

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Aloha from Hawaii!!

Aloha! Emma and Meredith had an amazing trip to Hawaii! They visited with Hawaii Island Humane Society and Molokai Humane Society. We very much look forward to partnering with these incredible organizations to provide services to the dogs and cats of Hawaii. They also had the opportunity to visit the Lanai Cat Sanctuary, which is […]

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One of our core values is Empowerment, acting with ethical responsibility, inspiring and encouraging positive actions on behalf of animals. This includes planting seeds of empowerment in the children of the communities we serve. We take every opportunity to engage the children we meet, often hosting pet parades and other events that encourage children to […]

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Supplies Needed!

Supplies, supplies, supplies! Gauze, syringes, suture, medications, anesthetic drugs, surgical drapes, surgical gloves, clippers, needles, surgical scrub…the list goes on and on. It takes incredible amounts of coordination and logistical planning to procure these items and transport them to the far flung locations where our M.A.S.H. clinics are staged. Most locations are too remote for […]

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Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday to our AB family! We just want to say thanks for all the support and love! All your “likes” and “shares” are really helping to spread information about our upcoming campaigns. We couldn’t do it without you!‪#‎spay‬ ‪#‎neuter‬ ‪#‎evolutionthrucompassion‬ ‪#‎changetheworld‬‪#‎basketofpuppies‬

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