It is the one week count down to the first ever Saipan Z*M*A*S*H campaign, called “OP-Sai”.

We deploy on Saturday and arrive in Saipan on Monday morning! The longest journey yet for an AB campaign I think. We are conducting the campaign with Humane Society International and the Saipan Mayor’s Office.

This has taken months of preparation for all. AB team members are autoclaving gauze and drapes, packing zillions of syringes and other supplies and preparing for this major adventure to help the animals and people of Saipan, while our partners are preparing locally.

Thank you to everyone is helping us. BIG thanks to all of our pet sitters who make sure our animals are safe while we go to help their brothers and sisters – you make it possible for us to go, you are a key part of the campaigns success – thank you all!

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