And just like that Operation Cunucu draws to a close. It’s always amazing and a bit bittersweet how quickly the place that was buzzing with activity, essentially home for five days, can so quickly return to an empty, silent space. Sometimes it seems like such a blur, you wonder if it ever really happened at all. 337 surgeries completed by an amazing group of dedicated volunteers who now consider themselves friends and part of a team. So many dogs will be living healthier lives thanks to these fine people. And although this campaign is over, the work is just beginning on Aruba as the local residents now have the tools and knowledge to continue to create change. Stay tuned for a campaign recap from our Director Emma and word on where Animal Balance will be next.IMG_2730 IMG_2731 IMG_2732 IMG_2739 IMG_2865 IMG_2860 IMG_2782 IMG_2764 IMG_2781

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