The stories coming in from the volunteers are amazing. Here is another account in the own words of one volunteer:

“Yesterday was day three of the clinic. We’re in the groove now, but because we got so little sleep the night before, some of us got a little…emotional. The sweet little street dogs were really breaking my heart. Many are in a compromised position from a combo of ticks, fleas, lice, mange, internal parasites, etc. Turns out, there’s a fantastic medicine that basically gets rid of just about everything yucky for 3 months and gives them a fighting chance at regaining their health. Now that they are spayed/neutered they don’t have to waste any energy on reproduction. We walked around and found several dogs that were great candidates for this and it made me feel hopeful again. All the volunteers are trying so hard to make a difference in these lovely souls’ lives. Many of the people who live here in Aruba are very impoverished but kind, and they do try to feed and help “their” street dogs.
Then, on the way home, I was sitting in the car and realized I had a live tapeworm stuck to my fannypack (DON’T JUDGE MY FANNYPACK!). It was so absurd and weird and gross after another long day, that I just burst out laughing. #?MyRockStarLife!

Please don’t forget, that even though every volunteer pays their own way to work on these campaigns, helping animals COSTS MONEY!

Go to to donate, learn more, or become a volunteer!”

-Jane Weidlin, recovery volunteer for Operation Cunucu

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