Operation Potcake to Take Place 2014

Orginally Published 5th December 2013

Please see below a statement from the VMAB and animal welfare: 4th December 2013

The VMAB (Veterinary Medical Association of the Bahamas) and the organizers of Operation Potcake met this evening at the Bahamas Humane Society and are delighted to report that they have come to an agreement that Operation Potcake 2014 will proceed as planned.  The International Vets will be welcomed to participate in Operation Potcake Clinics and indeed the VMAB have suggested that even more International Vets come than was originally planned.  

This heralds a new chapter of communication and co-operation between the animal welfare organizations, veterinarians and all animal lovers.  We look forward to many successful spay and neuter clinics that will resolve the problems of stray dogs and cats in the entire archipelago of The Bahamas.  

The Operation Potcake Steering Committee was also formed and in future will consist of the four members of the VMAB executive committee, President of the Bahamas Humane Society, President of Baark! and two animal welfare representatives.