Program Evolution in the Galapagos

Our work in the Galapagos began in 2004 and was the first campaign Animal Balance undertook. The program has changed many times in the last decade, but 2014 has seen the biggest change yet. During our June campaign there, Animal Balance signed an agreement with ABG, the national organization responsible for animal management. In summary, the agreement states that Animal Balance will work together with ABG for continual sterilization clinics and project expansion. That means that we will very soon be calling on our volunteer veterinarians and technicians to work in the Galapagos at regular intervals throughout the year. We will specifically be looking for experienced veterinary professionals who speak Spanish. If that sounds like you, please email to register your interest. We will be issuing dates and assigning roles in the months to come.

For more information on recent developments,please click here to read the 2014 Galapagos Trip Report.