Our inaugural Run for Galapagos kicked off last weekend and we've got people running all over the world this week! Terasa Van Coppenolle did her "run" on rollerblades, blading 6 miles like a pro in Florida. Jane Taylor ran a 10K in the United Kingdom. Sandy Baily and her team, the "Sole Sisters," ran in California. And Pam Dickens ran with her husband Billy and friend Joan, as well as four of their dogs in Florida. Our contingent in Austin, Texas is keeping an eye on the weather for their run this weekend (but we don't think something like a little hurricane is going to stop them!) and we're eagerly waiting for reports from our runners around the world to see how their runs went.

This has been such a fun event and we hope to keep it going every year!

We love our Animal Balance family and love to find ways to keep in touch with everyone while we're not on campaign. Although we are separated by many miles, and continents in some cases, we're all together in our ongoing mission to save animals and have fun while doing it.

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