Shelter Freedom

The Shelter Freedom Movement is an initiative to bring the animal welfare community together, provide and house ALL animals with loving homes, and for the traditional shelter to evolve into a modern Animal Resource Center. FREEDOM for you to help those who are most at risk in your community and FREEDOM for the animals who are housed in an institution.

Intake Reduction Programs -Targeted investigations to find out problems, so we can counteract with appropriate solutions to reduce relinquishment.

Reallocating Shelter Resources - Transitioning the shelter into an "Animal Resource Center" for the entire community. It is NOT used for sheltering animals .

Placing the existing sheltered animals into loving homes until adopted - Creating a shift in our collective perspective of the sheltering system from a "building" to the "community," empowering the community to support their community's animals with their services.

If a shelter does not exist in the community, the programs are managed by the local animal welfare network. A shelter is not built, but key services are provided. 

Enable social change - Using new language and PR strategies (e.g.: Foster parents are "Freedom Friends" or "Nugget Nannies"); the old shelter is the Animal Resource Center. Replacing words used decades ago with contemporary words that are meaningful to younger generations. Even "No Kill" is a decade old now. To stay current the Animal Welfare community must reinvent itself so that change happens in every community in a positive way.

Creates a more well-informed and empowered individual, and therefore, society. 

Means that the old shelter, now called the Animal Resource Center, is key to the entire community and can specialize in specific needs of the community. 

Will bring the animal welfare community together again, making it a much stronger and more effective entity.

Will employ local staff, thus helping the economy of the community it serves.Most importantly, when animals are in homes, they are happier and healthier, their behavior can improve and their lives expand as they becomes socialized with humans and other animals.

By implementing Shelter Freedom and providing key, well thought out companion animal resources for communities, we believe we can save more lives, keep animals in loving homes and create a positive and united animal welfare community.  

A community that utilizes a "Shelter Freedom" strategy will save more lives and provide a happier and healthier situation for all the animals in a community. Through this approach, social change will occur, creating ever increasingly connected and compassionate communities.

A shelter has to reduce its intake by what % to most efficiently utilize its building to better serve the community? What % of the community will take on foster animals if provided XYZ? How do we increase the capacity of both? How will all of those services reflect on that %?

The key is the balance between reducing intake and increasing fostering capacity.

Once we reduce our need and costs of sheltering animals, we believe that the funding can be moved into programs that keep animals out of the shelter. We will provide hard data to demonstrate this, which will be a tool to help animal welfare agencies implement Shelter Freedom strategies moving forward.