In Havana, under a train, a street dog had just given birth to 6 puppies. We and the local community dropped food off with her each day. Then, on our last day of our clinic she had gone, as had her cardboard box. We searched around very worried until a little girl came running over. She said to us, don’t worry and smiled, the dog family had been moved inside as it was a little cold.

Many of the cats in Havana get around safely by using the underground tunnel network. We climbed down into the holes to trap the cats, much to the surprise of passing tourists. We returned them to their holes the following day, after they had been spayed or neutered, recovered from anesthesia and eaten a good meal!

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  1. I am looking rather urgently for the phone number of the international vet clinic in miramar, havana. can you help?

    1. Sorry about the delay i can contact our operations team

      all the best

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