We want to give an enormous THANK YOU to Jewel Tire in Gardena, California for transporting our cat traps and cat transfer cages to American Samoa for us.
50 traps and 50 cages were donated by Alley Cat Allies for our Trapped in Paradise campaign in American Samoa, scheduled for this October. Once we had the cages we had to figure out how to get them to the island. Cages and traps are HEAVY and shipping and freight costs can run into the thousands of dollars. Jewel Tire said NBD and offered to fit the cages and traps in between the tires on a load that was already bound for the island.
If you’re wandering around FB land today, please head over to their page and say “hi” and offer up thanks to them for pitching in and helping the animals. They are a shining example of the kind of partnerships it takes to make our campaigns happen!

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