The fabulous team at Maui Humane Society!


The fabulous team at Maui Humane Society hosted the Zeuter Training recently and it was a great success thanks to all their hard work. They are now planning and doing logistics for the upcoming ZMASH in April. They are awesome!

We want to send huge thanks to: MHS Director, Jerleen Bryant, MHS team; Jamie Fitzpatrick, Dr. Miyo Miyasaki-Kim, Kelly Maguire, Kehau Magana, Shannon Dennehey, Jade Rancapollo, Yvette Waite, McGurn, Josephine Tempongko, Rachael Magee, Claire Sheehan, Noe Carson, Jess Gambsky and all the Animal Care staff, Dana Kallhoff and all the Customer Service Staff, MHS volunteers; Rose Pompeii, Kevin Reinert, Andrea Thomas, Alice Bennett, Bridgit Santry, Jack Lewis, Elizabeth and Neil Rominger, Emily Adelman, Debra Vandekerkhove and the volunteers from SPCA Maui and Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation who helped with transport so we could provide sterilization services to Maui Pitbull Rescue dogs. THANK YOU ALL!


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