The Red Rover Responders have been out trapping cats each night. Last night they caught 35 cats at a high school that has been a problem zone for a while. These guys are totally amazing and they work well past midnight each night to trap the cats, transport them back to Maui Humane Society and set them up for the night time. When the clinic team arrives at 7 am in the morning, they can get started with surgery right away. The Red Rover crew are truly amazing, hard working, compassionate and focused folks who do not stop.
11659535_974182042634153_9091695216129584819_n Kelly from MHS has been out there with them coordinating with the local community to ensure that everyone knows what is happening and creating those ever so important relationships with the residents. We could not do this without Kelly and her unflappable nature, kindness and dedication, she is the key link between the community and the trappers. She is also a trapping expert and has that ‘magical way’ when catching cats, she gets them all!
Huge thanks to these hard working volunteers for doing everything in their power to help Maui’s cats.

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