Day 3 in #Saipan and not only did 51 animals get sterilized, but we also did a photo shoot with all the beautiful shelter dogs and made an adoption poster board. Together we are starting an adoption program here.

The dogs are in open fenced runs so one barks and everyone barks making it hard to do adop10730807_954678624584495_1076059456437915293_ntions as its so loud and stressful in the runs. Having their photos in the waiting area is a huge hit with the general public and means we can keep that stress level down for all.

The dogs come out wearing their ‘adopt me’ jackets and walk around happily and proudly for their potential families. 4 found homes yesterday – we are making change here and having fun doing it.

We invite the community on Saipan to come down here and find your new family member. The dogs are waiting for you!!!

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