Cats, Cats, Cats! Day 2 on #Maui and we fixed 107 cats, this clinic team is now in their groove. The Maui Humane Society staff and vo11424451_974017899317234_5478278170733246154_nlunteers and AB are working together as if we had been doing this together for years, rather than 2 days.
It is fabulous to talk to the general public who are bringing indoor and free roaming cats to the clinic. We are gathering crucial information from them to help us with our next Trapped In Paradise (TIP) campaign.
The Red Rover trapping team are working through the night and much of the day, buy canine prednisone coordinating with the caretakers feeding schedules and providing the essential trapping and transport assistance that they need to get their colonies of cats fixed. As we do this we also show them how to trap helping to make this program sustainable. It’s working!
Please share and like our posts and if you would like to help too, you can make a donation to any of the 3 organizations who are here: Maui Humane Society, Animal Balance and Red Rover, just pop on a website, everything helps, thank you!

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  1. please please please provide tattoos for feral cats next time you do a clinic. micro chips are of little value

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