Day 3 was supposed to be our day off, but we decided to work and fix more cats! I asked everyone to come in and every single person said, ‘yes of course’. What an awesom11539612_975019115883779_7154256843680816580_ne team!

It is just as well we did as the RedRover trappers caught 63 cats the night before, the amazing MHS staff caught a whole bunch as did the local trapping folks and we ended up sterilizing 106 cats. It was a day of all trapped order prednisone online without prescription cats and was the best day yet — we certainly had our ‘cat groove’ on. We all said it was THE BEST way to spend our day off.

If you would like to join us and also become addicted to trapping and sterilizing cats, please go to and click on the black cat head and sign up!

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