Trapped in Paradise Project Starts on Maui This Month!

THE VERY FIRST Trapped in Paradise Project starts on Maui this month! The trapping team flies in on Wednesday and we hit the streets on Thursday, the medical team flies in on Saturday and we start sterilizing Maui’s cats on Monday.

As always before a campaign, drapes are being cut and gauze packets are being 10409567_10153084295218439_3853387437222839165_nmade up and autoclaved – all 600 of them! The 150 traps and 150 transfer cages that went over on the hay container have been unloaded and stored at Maui Humane Society (MHS). Medical supplies are being sent all over and the team are packing their gear. The excitement is building both on the mainland and on Maui. MHS are preparing and getting their volunteers organized for this enormous effort and are seeking out donated accommodation, transport and so many other items!

We are getting ready for the first Trapped in Paradise campaign ever! Thank you to Alley Cat Allies, Tru-Catch, The Maltz Family Foundation, Red Rover and the Edith Goode Trust for helping to fund this campaign and to Maui Humane Society for partnering with Animal Balance to help all species.

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