Trapped in Paradise

Animal Balance’s cat program is called ‘Trapped in Paradise’ (TIP) It focuses on the humane reduction of the cat population on islands. TIP is held in partnership with Alley Cat Allies, the largest advocacy and protection organization for cats on the planet. TIP is a community-based sterilization program, whereby the local NGO’s and community humanely trapped the cats and then bring them to the temporary hospital for spaying or neutering. We also vaccinate and permanently identify the cats as sterilized and the return them to the same locations in which they were trapped. The trapping activities are targeted, meaning that we focus on one area of cats. Once they are all sterilized, we move to the next area. If cats were trapped and killed, then other cats living in the surrounding area would very quickly move into this vacant territory, taking advantage of the newly available resources the removed cats left behind. This is called the ‘vacuum effect’. Not only is it cruel to kill cats, it is not an effective solution to reduce their population. Animal Balance are experts at finding humane solutions for reducing populations and improving the health of cats and dogs, plus creating a more harmonious environment for all. Since 2004, we have been working with the authorities and community members of the Galapagos Islands, one of the most sensitive habitats on the planet. Due to the success of this program, Animal Balance has expanded its services to 11 different countries around the world. Animal Balance is dedicated to working with communities to protect all species around the world. To donate to this and other programs please click here

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