Trapped On Paradise (TIP) On Molokai Update

Trapped in Paradise (TIP) is on Molokai this week. It is an incredibly beautiful and peaceful island. Everyone here has been very welcoming. Our hosts, the Molokai Humane Society, are a very hard working, compassionate team and we are all enjo12191911_1036155513103472_1620533105827522540_nying working together to humanely reduce the cat population here.

Today we are sterilizing over 70 cats, 42 were trapped last night and the general public brought in the remainder. Everyone is pitching in to help order prednisone for dogs make sure that we fix as many as possible before we leave.

This campaign was made possible by Alley Cat Allies, we all cannot thank them enough for supporting this clinic. This work is very needed here to protect all species.

To help us, you can donate by clicking here:

or here

Thank you so much for helping us.

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