What a tremendous start to 2018 for Animal Balance! We traveled to Mexico City where I spoke about our collective work at the 4th Minding Animals Conference. I explained how we not only perform 1000's of surgeries safely and efficiently, but also ignite ever-lasting social change on the islands where we work. The MA4 is a global conference, standing up for the rights for all sentient beings. This means all animals, non-human and human. Animal Balance is against speciesism, which means that we do not believe in killing one species to save another. This is the reason I started Animal Balance in the first place, to fight for equality for all sentient beings. It is why we are called Animal Balance. It was most inspiring to be around scholars, authors, academics, activists and veterinary medical professionals who agree with this perspective, and are willing to ask even deeper questions about ethics and kindness. This conference itself is bringing about social change within our animal protection movement. We are asking how we can be kinder, more inclusive and more compassionate with our choices and our language. In 2018, Animal Balance will make every effort to use the terms, non-human animals, we will not use the terms native and non-native, as it implies one species is lesser than another in perceived value, unless in quotes, otherwise we will use 'cat' and 'dog'. We have a vegan policy and all our volunteers bring their mess kits on campaigns, reducing our use of plastic. We also hold beach cleanups at each site on our day off. However, we know we can always do more to help our planet and we will keep evolving as we learn more. Cheers! Emma "Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." Maya Angelou
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