The AB volunteer experience, in their own words :
“I thought I would be a driver on this campaign, but found out that I would be a catcher too and had to be at the dump 😳😳😳. After the first evening I bought the things needed and dressed in the proper way. It was nice to learn about trapping. At first I felt sorry for the dogs that they had to go back to that place. The whole dump and so many dogs was overwhelming. But when we brought the first group back, one could see that they were happy to be back and their friends were happy they were back home. Beside that, most of them, although very dirty, we’re well fed and had little skin problems or fleas and ticks. They were a lot better off than the street dogs. We hope to continue this work and make the group of dump dogs a lot smaller by not letting them reproduce.”-Jacqueline Boderie, Operation Cunucu volunteer trapper.IMG_2837

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