Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Animal Balance ! Please read the letter below for our new recruitment requirements, effective January 12, 2017. 

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Animal Balance has new requirements for recruitment!

Dear Animal Balance Friends and amazing Animal Warriors:

Thank you for your support and participation in the lifesaving work that we have been doing around the world. Your commitment to our mission is what keeps us going year after year. We know that everyone is eager to begin the recruitment process for our upcoming Kauai campaign, as well as for additional campaign dates to be released. We have been listening to your feedback requesting an earlier release of campaign dates to help make planning your next campaign easier.

We understand that there are pet-sitters that need to be booked, plane tickets must be purchased, time-off requests need to be submitted, and other logistics that must be dealt with before traveling. This all takes a great deal of time.

As you know, Animal Balance relies on foundation funding for each clinic that we hold. In order for us to release the dates and move forward with the process, we first need to secure a grant. This usually happens only a couple of months prior to each campaign, which doesn’t give us much lead time to announce the dates and recruit a team.

To help us to build a campaign calendar in advance and give you the dates as early as possible, we are creating a new system.

We are asking that anyone interested in joining a campaign please register as a monthly donor of $3 or more per month. This donation will grant you a membership to Animal Balance. Members will receive special member newsletters announcing campaign dates, which will give you the opportunity to apply for campaigns. We will also consult you for certain AB outreach designs through the year. You can also make an annual donation of $25 to obtain a membership. Only members will receive information about recruitment opportunities.

Through crowdsourcing of funds, we will be able to build our calendar farther in advance and create a more sustainable program, and in doing such, save more lives and provide you with more opportunities to participate in campaigns.

Moving forward, each campaign roster will include the following:

2 high-volume surgeons and one veterinarian for health checks
4 veterinary technicians
2 recovery technicians

The roster may vary by location and/or expected clinic volume, but this will be our baseline.
At this point, we can confirm dates for two 2018 campaigns and will begin the recruitment process for those on Friday, January 19th. Although membership does not guarantee a spot on a desired campaign, every effort will be made to accommodate our members.

Please sign up at https://www.aplos.com/aws/give/AnimalBalance/ and select “Membership” in the drop-down menu.

We are truly grateful for your support and couldn't do this without you. We look forward to seeing everyone again very soon!


The AB Team

How do I apply to be a volunteer? 

You must be an Animal Balance Member to receive recruitment information. Membership can be obtained by becoming an monthly donor of at least $3/month, or making an annual donation of $25. Members will be notified via email when new campaign dates are released.

Please note that we receive a high number of applications for each of our campaigns. During our recruitment process, qualified volunteers are contacted for an interview approximately one month before the campaign. If you are not selected for an interview at this time, you can still apply for future Animal Balance campaigns. Volunteers are only contacted for an interview when a position is available.

How does Animal Balance choose its volunteers? 

We choose our volunteers based on skill level. Our team requirements vary from campaign to campaign. We reserve spaces on each campaign for Animal Balance alumni.

What can I expect from joining an Animal Balance campaign? 

Expect an incredibly rewarding experience with like-minded, compassionate individuals who will do everything they can to help the animals in the communities we visit. Animal Balance volunteers work long hours, beginning and ending each day as a team. Each team member is equally responsible for both animal care, as well as clinic set-up and cleaning. We travel to some of the most beautiful places on the planet and are extremely fortunate to meet inspiring local people, as well as having the privilege of helping these communities take care of their animals.

What costs are volunteers responsible for? 

To allow our resources to go towards supplies for our campaigns, we ask that volunteers pay for their own flights. Whenever possible, Animal Balance will try to source donate or low-cost accommodation in the places we visit. We will help arrange airport pick-ups for when you arrive to help you get where you need to be. We will also provide you with detailed instructions to help prepare for your travels. When we travel to islands to which we are unable to ship our supplies, we do ask that volunteers help us carry in necessary supplies. We also have a small packing list of items that we request our volunteers have, to help ensure the smooth running of the campaign.

May I bring a partner on campaign? 

If you partner has experience in animal handling or can contribute in other ways to our team, then potentially yes. However, due to the fact that our team size is often limited, our selection is primarily focused on medically skilled personnel.

Do I need a passport? 

Yes. Many of our campaigns are in international destinations for which you will need in-date, correct identification.

Do I need vaccines? 

We do ask that our volunteers research the CDC guidelines for the destination in which they are campaigning to ensure they have any suggested vaccines. We do sometimes work in areas where rabies is present, so for those involved in direct animal handling we do recommend a rabies vaccine (although it is not mandatory.) An up to date tetanus injection is strongly recommended.

Do I have to commit to an entire campaign or may I apply to be there for part of it? 

To ensure team cohesion and to ensure we can have the most productive clinic, we do ask that volunteers commit to an entire campaign.

What happens if I need to cancel my participation or I fall ill during a campaign? 

We understand that sometimes things happen and you may need to cancel. We do ask that if this occurs you give us as much notice as possible so that we can refill your position with another volunteer.

We strongly recommend that our volunteers have insurance that covers them for both trip cancellation and for medical emergencies (including evacuation if necessary.) Animal Balance has a code of conduct that all volunteers must sign, stating that Animal Balance is not responsible for any costs relating to cancellations or medical emergencies while on campaign.

What else do I need to know? 

Animal Balance is fortunate to work in some incredible places in wonderful communities. We ask that our volunteers travel with an open mind, that they treat the communities, animals and their team members with kindness, compassion and respect. We ask that our volunteers adhere to Animal Balance's Code of Conduct to ensure both a successful campaign and the safety of the animals that we serve.

We rely on our dedicated, passionate volunteers and we look forward to having you join us on one of our campaigns. We thank you wholeheartedly for your interest and support of Animal Balance's work. For any additional questions, please feel free to email : info@animalbalance.org.