**Volunteers Needed**
Our American Samoa trip is happening Oct. 3-15 and we need just a few more volunteer technicians.
The goal of this campaign is to provide TNR education for the villages of Tutuila, while operating a MASH clinic equipped to sterilize up to 1,000 cats.
We are in specific need of veterinary technicians or assistants with some experience in surgical prep, including venipuncture and intubation.
CAUTION : This is a life-changing experience. Only those with an adventurous heart and the desire to enact true change in the world should apply. Animal Balance campaigns are considered extremely addictive. Our volunteers have been know to return again and again.
If you are still reading this post, your interest has been piqued. You might be the person that we need!
For details on volunteering for this campaign, visit our websitehttp://animalbalance.net/volunteer-3
or email Meredith, our Director of Clinic Operations at mhippert@animalbalance.org.
If you are still reading this, stop…it’s done. Go to the website. For real. You’ll be glad you did.

One thought on “Volunteers Needed!

  1. Hi Meredith, thank you for your help, service for TNR support. I hope you are able to come to Kona Hawaii in the future. The West side of the Big Island needs more help with TNR. AdvoCATS is still in operation, but there’s a growing population of people that do not understand spay/neuter and to stop dropping off cats and dogs on the side of the road or in the lava fields. Please advise.


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