#zmash Maui and Molokai April 2015 final results

Congratulations everyone, you sterilized 417 dogs on Molokai and Maui on the ZMASH! this past week. Imagine if each of those dogs had 2 litters a year of say 10 puppies……yes, they would have suffered terribly and YOU stopped that from happening. 

This was a targeted sterilization campaign. We carefully chose the locations in order to serve the most at risk dogs. This means we had a larger impact than simply putting out a phone number for people to call. People were able to get to us as we went to their town. People cannot afford a $300 to $800 spay. The result is their one family dog becomes 12 dogs fast and the ONLY humane way to break that cycle is to sterilize their pets for low-cost, or for free and ask for a donation. 
Well done to the Molokai Humane Society and Maui Humane society staff and volunteers, to the AB Hawaii #ZMASH crew and all the wonderful people who brought us their beautiful dogs. 

Special thanks goes out to all of our supporters for funding this critical first time campaign; from the one dollar to the thousands of dollars – everything helps and makes these campaigns a reality. We use top-notch medicines and they are expensive, so thank you for allowing us to provide the best possible veterinary care to the dogs.

Our host organizations were motivated, well organized and focused. The local volunteers and staff kept to the AB motto of ‘starting together and finishing together’ and got through those 15 plus hour hot, hot days with smiles and determination. These clinics are not easy, congratulations to you all. 

You are at the forefront of compassionate change on the Hawaiian Islands. You are leading the ‘kind revolution’ and we at AB are delighted that we could help with that. Please join me in congratulating every single person (who are currently recovering from total exhaustion) who helped make the past few weeks such a tremendous success. 
If you wish to donate to keep these clinics going, please go to either: www.molokaihumanescoiety.org or www.maui humanesociety.org, or www.animalbalance,org to give us a helping hand. Mahalo.

Heather the newly trained clinic coordinator

3 thoughts on “#zmash Maui and Molokai April 2015 final results

  1. Awesome job everyone! We are so very grateful for your help here on Maui.

    Keep up the great work!

    Many Mahalos!

  2. Awesome job everyone! We are so very grateful for your help here on Maui. Keep up the great work!

    Many Mahalos!

  3. Many Mahalos to the staff, vet staff, and volunteers.
    Your help is (was) desperately needed, and appreciated!
    Good Job!!!

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