Z*M*A*S*H with Kauai Humane Society

Animal Balance is on Kauai this week for a Z*M*A*S*H with Kauai Humane Society. The small, but mighty team on Kauai have set up in the car park of the Humane Society and are fixing dogs! The 10411081_1038749452844078_3664559776838132476_nteam is working with the Kauai HS staff and volunteers to help cheap prednisone 20mg humanely control the dog population. Please join us in thanking these amazing volunteers for donating their time and paying for their own flights to help these dogs. Please also join me in thanking the Kauai Humane Society for hosting this first ever Z*M*A*S*H on Kauai. Go team Kauai!

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